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What is Bridges?

The Bridges stroke self-management programme was developed by Professor Fiona Jones in 2005, in response to a need for improved longer term support for stroke survivors.

The programme has been developed in close collaboration with stroke survivors, carers and stroke professionals, and it aims to support stroke survivors to develop their self-management skills.

It is based on current best clinical evidence in stroke, empirical self-management research for long term conditions and underpinned by social cognition theory and self-efficacy principals (Bandura, 1997).

Bridges Self-Management Limited is a social enterprise based within, but separate to the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences at Kingston University and St Georges, University of London.

The Bridges stroke self-management programme is made up of two parts:

1) Accredited training workshops for health and social care workers who work with people who’ve had a stroke. These workshops teach practitioners about self-management principles, and how to use the Bridges approach on a one to one basis with stroke survivors. For more information about the training, click here.

2) An individualised, client-held ‘stroke workbook’ which practitioners work through with clients to support their self-management. The workbook includes individual stories and strategies suggested by stroke survivors, as well as a space for the client to record personal goals and successes. For more information about the workbook, click here.

In addition to the stroke workbook we now have a friends and family booklet which is used to provide information for family and friends using Bridges.

The Bridges stroke self-management programme is constantly being evaluated, and ideas and suggestions from evaluations feed into the development of the programme, and of new projects.

For more information about the research and evidence behind Bridges, please visit the 'Evidence' tab on this website.

For more information about Bridges current and past projects, please click here.


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