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Bridges Open Workshops


We run open workshops for individual practitioners working in neurological and general rehabilitation, or perhaps you work with stroke survivors in the voluntary or third sector.   


Click here for more information about our open workshops





Bridges projects

Here you will find information about all Bridges current and past research and development projects. All research undertaken by the Bridges team contributes to improving our self-management programmes, and to designing new interventions to supporting people living with a long-term neurological condition.

Please click on the titles below to access information about the project, or use the drop down menu above.

Enhancing the skills of the community and enablement workforce to deliver a co-produced, provider based model of self-management support for people living with long-term neurological conditions

Adapting the Bridges workbook and training workshops for people living with neurological long-term conditions in South London.  A project funded by an Innovation Grant from Health Education South Londond and the Health Innovation Network

Feasibility and acceptibility of using a digital platform to deliver content of the Bridges stroke workbook

This project will explore the feasibility of delivering the stroke workbook in digital format, and create an app protoyype to be tested for acceptibility.

Early integration of the Bridges self-management support package into usual care following traumatic brain injury: a feasibility study 

Adapting the Bridges stroke workbook, friends and family booklet and training workshops for people with brain injury.  A project funded by the Health Foundation and a summary can be found on their website here.

SESAME Self-management after Stroke: a Cluster Feasibility Trial

This RCT testing the feasibility of the Bridges stroke self-management programme is funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit. The UK Clinical Research Network Study Portfolio link is:

Family and friends' booklet

Information about our brand new booklet designed to support carers of stroke survivors with self-management

Using Bridges with stroke survivors from ethnic minority groups

Results of a small scale research study

Bridges Kingston project

Results of a project piloting Bridges training for social care workers, using a whole stroke pathway approach

Sustainability scoping study

Results of a small scoping study investigating barriers and potential strategies to improve to sustainability of the Bridges programme

New Zealand Bridges

Details of a project bringing Bridges to New Zealand

Case reflection analysis

Results of a study of practitioners’ case reflections from using Bridges in practice

Belfast study

Results of a Bridges feasibility study conducted in Northern Ireland

Croydon Priorities project

Results of a project providing Bridges training to teams on the Croydon stroke pathway

We are also busy creating a Bridges ‘to do list’, detailing projects we would really like to undertake. Please click here to see our current list and to contribute your ideas, or to help us with funding.

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