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Bridges in Traumatic Brain Injury

Early integration of the Bridges self-management support package into usual care following traumatic brain injury: a feasibility study

Dr Petra Makela from Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust London has been successful in winning one of the competitive ‘Shine 2014’ awards from the Health Foundation to work with Bridges. 

The project aims to develop the stroke specific content in the Bridges training, workbook and family booklet to be suitable for people with brain injury. We will be working closely with the local Headway group who are an integral part of the Kings Brain Injury team and supported by clinicians from St Georges Hospital and Bart’s Health London.   

You can read more about the project on the Health Foundation website.

Implementation began in September 2014 and the project will be completed by November 2015.




Project Update: 8th September 2014

Development of Bridges TBI resources has commenced, through focus groups held during July 2014. People were invited to participate through brain injury follow-up clinics after discharge from King’s College Hospital, and through contact with the Early Intervention Coordinator for Headway South East London North West Kent (SELNWK). The team has been encouraged by the enthusiasm expressed for the project and people’s willingness to become involved.

Focus groups participants discussed the challenges that they, or their partner or relative, have been facing since the traumatic brain injury, and discussed strategies that they have been finding useful in everyday life. The participants were also provided with copies of the Bridges Stroke workbook in advance, and were asked for their perspectives on how a similar book might be useful for their own situation. An example came from one individual who reflected:

 “…it is nice to have something like that where it’s setting out your different stages. You know you have achieved that and you can tick it off and date them…and you know you can do it.”

The discussions in the focus groups have been transcribed and analysed for the contained themes, to inform the next stage of the project: carrying out one-to-one interviews. The stories that people are willing to share about their experiences, challenges and strategies will be used to create a Bridges TBI book for patients, in addition to a separate ‘Family and Friends’ book. Development and planning for Bridges TBI multidisciplinary training workshops is also underway.

Following completion of these stages, the approach will be implemented within usual ways of working in the TBI pathway. The emerging experiences and views of patients, family members and staff will be assessed. The project’s achievements will be presented at the Health Foundation’s ‘Shine’ showcase event in November 2015.

Progress on the Bridges TBI project will be updated over the forthcoming year.

Headway SELNWK (South East London North Wedt Kent) website link:




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