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Bridges Open Workshops


We run open workshops for individual practitioners working in neurological and general rehabilitation, or perhaps you work with stroke survivors in the voluntary or third sector.   


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Carers' Booklet

In response to requests from carers and practitioners about advice on supporting people to use the Bridges stroke workbook, Bridges have recently developed ‘A Booklet for family and carers of people with stroke: A guide to supporting people to gain more control over their lives after stroke – by using the Bridges workbook.’

The 17-page pamphlet, which is currently being piloted, is designed to be given to carers of stroke survivors using the Bridges stroke workbook. It was developed in consultation with carers of people who have experienced a stroke, and contains their stories, experiences and ideas. Some of these carers have used the Bridges stroke workbook with their friend or relative, and provide advice on how to use it effectively. All the carers in the booklet provide tips for coping and stories about how they supported their friend or relative to make progress after having a stroke.

Initial feedback from Carers groups has been very positive. Comments include:

• "It’s interesting and gives people a good insight into how people does tell people that they are not alone in their concerns or suffering."

• "I think it’s knowledgeable. From the book you can find out information about what’s normal, what is happening and what can be done.  When someone has had a stroke in the family, its turns life upside side down. Not only for the person that had the stroke but also for close family members and friends. It’s a really, really, really hard job."

• "One of the good points that appear in the book is to let them get on to what they are capable of doing. I was very guilty of being overprotective and that didn’t help my wife at all but the fact that she’s able to do things like washing and drying up and going back to her knitting and even going in the garden and doing weeding and pruning and things like that. I still keep a very close eye on her but to allow her to do it gives her more confidence and self- sufficiency.”

 • "This book is so useful; it's a real back-up"

The booklet will soon be piloted in stroke services, and results will be available on this webpage.

If your team is currently using the Bridges stroke workbooks, and you would like to purchase some of the carers’ booklets, please email us: at

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