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Bridges Open Workshops


We run open workshops for individual practitioners working in neurological and general rehabilitation, or perhaps you work with stroke survivors in the voluntary or third sector.   


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Bridges was originally developed by Dr Fiona Jones at the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, St George’s, University of London and Kingston University, as part of her PhD. Since then many people have become involved in the project and continue to contribute to its development.

We are particularly indebted to each of the 12 main contributors to Bridges. We thank them for their willingness to share their experiences, their perseverance and efforts have been an inspiration:

Comfort is from Guyana and lives with her husband and family. Her stroke caused difficulties walking and using her left arm.

Lesley is a retired psychologist and lives with his wife, his stroke caused severe problems with his balance..

Honora is over 80 years old and  lives alone, she had a stroke affecting her left side which  caused difficulties with walking. She loved to travel around the world independently before her stroke.

Patricia was in her early 50’s when she had her stroke, she has four children,and previously worked as a secretary. Her stroke caused severe problems with speech and language, and a weakness in her right side.

Ben was in his early 20’s and studying for a PhD when he had a brain haemorrhage, causing a stroke. He has experienced problems with vision, concentration and language following his stroke. He has now started a new career as a graphic designer.

Terry had a stroke affecting his left side, particularly his left hand. He loves  going to sporting events and previously worked in a bank.

Olive had a stroke that affected her right side and now has difficulties with communication. She is a wife and grandmother who worked part-time as a cleaning supervisor before her stroke.

Chandracant has now returned to work as an electronic engineer following his stroke. He lives with his wife and 2 children.

Fred had a stroke while on holiday in Greece. The stroke severely affected his speech and swallowing as well as movement in the left side. He lives with his wife and worked part-time in a car showroom.

Rita’s stroke severely affected movement in her left side. Rita is a widow living alone; she loves gardening and looking after her grandson.

Brian was working as a printer when he had his stroke. The stroke affected Brian’s right side especially his hand. He lives with his partner and now does regular voluntary work.

Regina was working as a lecturer in Midwifery when she had her stroke. The stroke affected her left side. She was off work for 10 months but has now returned to full time teaching.
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