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We run open workshops for individual practitioners working in neurological and general rehabilitation, or perhaps you work with stroke survivors in the voluntary or third sector.   


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Using Bridges With Stroke Survivors From Ethnic Minority groups

From 2010-2012, Dr. Meriel Norris, Dr. Cherry Kilbride, Dr. Fiona Jones & Prof. Christina Victor conducted a research study exploring the extent and perception of using the Bridges programme with stroke survivors from minority ethnic backgrounds.


“The use of self-management with stroke survivors from minority ethnic backgrounds: a mixed methods study”


The aim of this study was to examine if the Bridges™ self-management programme was used with stroke survivors from minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK and the facilitators (health professionals) perception of its utility.


The results indicated that Bridges™ was not widely used with individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds. Despite this, facilitators who had used the programme reported successful process and outcomes across all ethnic backgrounds. Various challenges were identified which were in part perceived to relate to ethnicity including concepts of stroke and recovery, religion and complex intergenerational familial roles. However, the study also illustrated that these challenges were not barriers per se and indeed the Bridges programme acted as a tool to enable the health professional to bridge ethnic/cultural differences.


 In summary, this study suggests that Bridges™ can be effectively used with stroke survivors from minority ethnic backgrounds, providing the therapists involved are supported to gain the confidence and competence to use the tools to their best ability.

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