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" I had a really good session using the Bridges work book with a patient with quite severe dysphagia, as well as communication difficulties.

I was a bit sceptical when I first introduced it a few months ago, but I think this was the right time to look at it again with him. I think it worked well in this instance as the patient had already had a few months of therapy in the community so he and his family are used to working towards ‘goals’ and also he has come to terms with his impairment and has accepted he will need to work hard to optimise his recovery. 

It worked really well to have a joint session with the family and we thought of four really good, motivating long term goals.  I also thought re-introducing the book at this stage was really useful in getting the patient and family prepared for discharge in the not too distance future or easing them into having less frequent therapy sessions.

Just wanted you to know how positive I felt after that session…..and now I know from my own experience it can work for some people."

Speech and Language Therapist, Surrey

What do Practitioners say?

The Bridges Programme has been evaluated as one of the Stroke Improvement Plan’s Priority projects.

After each workshop participants are asked to provide feedback by completing our workshop evaluation forms.

Analysis of these evaluations has found that, after attending both Bridges workshops, 99% of people completing our course evaluation forms felt that the workshops would enhance their practice and 99% would recommend a similar workshop to their colleagues.

The following quotations have been taken from the workshop evaluation forms:

"This will greatly influence my practise as it has given me the knowledge and confidence to be able to interact with the patients more "

"I feel I now know and understand how I can facilitate self-management interventions with a stroke survivor"

"I have another tool that I can use with my clients, to promote independence and encourage service users to have some control over their progress"

"I feel it will enhance my practice by encouraging patients to make their own personal goals"

"The knowledge, workshop, book and stroke workbook will be a great help to my practice...enabling me a greater perspective."

"It has given language and evidence for what I do"

“From Uni to work – goals have always felt like something for us, for commissioners, for managers, i.e. to tick a box. Now I can see that just re-phrasing this makes it work for the patient, so I’m more comfortable talking about and writing down objectives and goals”






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