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Bridges Open Workshops


We run open workshops for individual practitioners working in neurological and general rehabilitation, or perhaps you work with stroke survivors in the voluntary or third sector.   


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After stroke many individuals find it difficult to exercise and this can lead to feelings of helplessness and depression. It is easier to carry out exercises whilst having regular physical therapy. However, when therapy stops, it maybe difficult to know exactly how best to continue.

Increasing activity levels through any sort of exercise is very worthwhile, not only to improve lifestyle factors but also to help reduce feelings of helplessness. It should be possible to find an exercise programme appropriate to an individual’s specific limitations. Crucially, this can engender a sense of personal success. Usually this is undertaken in collaboration with a chartered physiotherapist who will be responsible for guiding your rehabilitation. It is essential however, that you fully understand exactly what it is you are practicing and why. Therapy is more successful when there is cooperation and communication with the physiotherapist. It is important you make suggestions and ask questions if you do not know what they are doing or why. Ask for ideas about exercises that you can practice on your own. Also, try choosing those tasks you most want to practice.
Any sort of physical activity is beneficial, whether it be trying some of the specific exercises suggested by a physiotherapist or simply attempting to walk more each day.

Here are some ideas for increasing your strength and fitness:

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