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Bridges Symposium 2015

Bridges 6th Annual Symposium 'The Twists and Turns of Living with a Long Term Condition'

The 2015 symposium was held on 10th June at St George's Unviersity of London, chaired by Dr Carole Pound and attended by 120 people.  If you were unable to attend you can view the slides and listen to an audio of the speakers below:


Dr Sara Demain: Creating a 'Safe Space' and Acknowledging the Hard Work of Self-Management

Slides coming soon

Lucinda Brimicombe: Building Bridges into other Conditions: Long-Term Conditions and Acute Trauma and Orthopaedics

Slides available here

Dr Petra Makela, John & Rebecca: Building Bridges After Brain Injury

No slides or audio are available for this presentation

Prof. Fiona Jones: Defining and Delivering Best Practice in Self-Management Support: A Five Minute Update

Slides available here



The presentations were audio recorded and the 1 hour 13 minute recording can be accessed here


Audience feedback

Because we are continually learning about self-management in clinical practice from health, social and third sector staff we asked attendees two questions at the end of the symposium, here are some of their responses:

What does self-management mean to you in your life/setting?

"It's about supporting people to manage their conditions but to live the life they want to live"

"Giving people the tools and power to manage their own lives in the way they want to"

"It means the freedom to make my own choices and my own mistakes, thereby owning any choices; I am continuing to be an autonomous person"

What is one thought about implementing self-managent support?

"We all need to listen to people and collaborate, not just tell people"

"Our brain injury team is an ideal place for an approach such as Bridges, most people we work with are ready to be supported to self-manage"

"I come from an Arabic cultural background, I am thinking about how to transfer the ideas and concepts to my community"

"Self-management support is being slowly implemented , little by little but change takes time, champions are the key to driving it forward"




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